Print Considerations

Prints from the Dawn Patrol Images  catalog  can be ordered in sizes from 8″x10″ to 30″x40″, on either traditional photo print paper, polished metal or canvas.  Our prints are done by Bay Photo in San Francisco, and shipped directly to your door.  When you see a print you like, simply click on the “Purchase” tab on the menu bar to reach our catalog.  All prints are done with archival quality inks so that colors won’t fade with time.  Drop down menus in the catalog lead you through the ordering process.  Some print sizes may require the image to be cropped.  You can choose how images are cropped when you order.  Most 16″x24″, 20″x30″ and 24″x36″ images will generally print with little, if any cropping.  

You will need to consider the surface finish and how you want to hang your photo.  Paper prints come in several finishes.  Our favorite is Giclée Watercolor.  Paper prints will need to mounted and framed to fit the space where they will hang.  That can be done in the catalog, or by a local frame shop of your choice.  Prints on polished metal are stunning, and are our favorite print medium.  Finishes range from high gloss to matte.  We recommend the semi gloss finish for most polished metal prints.  Our polished metal prints are unframed so they save the expense of framing.  They come with a floating mount so they stand off from the wall.  Polished metal prints are tough and work best in commercial applications.  Black and white photos  work particularly well on polished metal.  Canvas prints are stretched over a wooden frame and come ready to hang.  Prices before taxes and shipping range from $6.99 for an 8×10 paper print to $650 for a 30″x40″ polished metal finish.  Simply click the “Purchase” button on prints in our catalog to start your order. We also do custom prints on canvas and paper through Swanson Images in Weed. This is a good option for larger print sizes. Prices vary according to the print size. Contact me at if you are interested in this custom print service.

We can also help you decorate your home or office with hand-picked collections from these galleries.  If you don’t see what you want, ask, and we will do our best to track down an image that will meet your needs.   We are happy to assist you by suggesting photos to match your décor and wall space / colors / lighting.  Once we narrow down the photo selection, we will provide a personalized quote to match your budget.  We can also do site visits if you live near Mt. Shasta, CA, or set up video tours of your home or place of business to recommend images that would work with wall colors and lighting.

Please contact me by email at if you have any questions.   We want to provide you with the best possible images for your home or business.