The Dawn Patrol

This gallery is about the Dawn Patrol — leaving  Bunny Flat in the dark with a headlamp, skiing up to watch the sunrise over the flanks of Mt. Shasta, and then getting first tracks down through the trees.  Sometimes, its a complete bust and all you get is boilerplate crust and the inside of a cloud. But other times…I’ll let the photos tell the story.  I did this gallery in black and white because the grey tones work so well with snow and early morning light.  B&W also takes me back to my roots as a film photographer working in the darkroom, doing endless test strips to get things just right, and then watching the image magically appear in the developing tank. 

Why I Get Up At 4 AM To Go Skiing
Flying on Green Butte
Sunrise Near the Sierra Club Cabin
The Gates of Lemuria
Life on the Edge
Touching the Sublime
Shadow Play
The Gemini Tree
Black Butte from Green Butte Ridge
Hey Eddy!
Sunrise at Gerald’s Bowl
Makin Tracks in Gerald’s Bowl
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